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We taste a lot of wine to find the Wines of the Month – we know, hard work! Every color, every grape, to find what’s cool, fresh, and new to Denver drinkers. Marczyk Fine Wines WOTM (that’s what the cool kids say) features the best deals in the Denver wine world. And we have special pricing for Friends & Family members! Take advantage of our Friends and Family pricing and walk out with a mixed case for 15-20% depending on the spiff.

“An empty bottle of wine is better than a filled one. It shows achievement.” – Unknown

If the bottles in our September Wines of the Month were each roughly 12,000 miles tall, and we decided to place them around the Earth, complete with very large arrows, to show you where they came from, it would look like the image below, sort of. Now you can learn about our Wines of the Month and study for that geography quiz you have coming up.

For our September Wines of the Month we are featuring wines from Oregon, California, Chile, Argentina, France, and Italy. All 12 wines at regular price would be $194.88, but with your Friends & Family discount the case will be $132.48 — you save $62.40. However, even if you just want one or two bottles, they all have a Friends & Family discount attached. Click HERE to learn more!

NOTE: You must be 21 to purchase and to pick up wine — please have your ID ready when you arrive.

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We know you already have enough friends, and don’t even get us going on the family…but you’ll want to be part of our friends & family trust us. Special pricing, fun events, come on, dive in!

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