Château Carbonneau LuLu Rosé

Have you ever opened the fridge in the morning and just wanted to drink wine for breakfast? If the answer to that question was "yes," what are you waiting for? LuLu is ready for you. I am a fan of wines that just deliver. This stuff is great. Fresh, fruity, and fun — all that you could ever want from a rosé. The price is right, and this year it's a screw cap! It's even easier to get into the bottle and get the morning (or whenever) started properly. $11.99/bottle

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Fleur’s Amore La Bambina

La Bambina comes to us from winemaker Marilena Barbera, who says, "La Bambina is dedicated to strong women, to their power and energy, to their tireless motivation in fighting for their beliefs, to their talent for problem-solving despite difficulties and complications." Now let Fleur tell you about her experience with this wine. La Bambina Rosato Menfi 2018 | Cantine Barbera | Menfi, Sicily Pause...clear your thoughts...allow yourself time. Some people achieve inner peace through transcendental meditation or perhaps the death of the ego. For me? I found true stillness and clarity sitting on my bed, watching cartoons, and drinking [...]

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Love You Bunches

What do a wine bottle and a Mother's Day card have in common? They can be the same thing. Heidi tells you all about it… 2019 Sangiovese | Stolpman Vineyards | Santa Barbara County, CA Looking for a unique gift bottle for your recent grad or mama? Show them you "love them bunches" with this tart and youthful Sangiovese. (There's even room to leave a love note on the label.) Stolpman Vineyards captures its freshness using carbonic fermentation (think Beaujolais Nouveau). Throw it on ice before pouring — now you are ready to enjoy the prickly layers of sour [...]

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Nobushi Japanese Whiskey

What are we drinking now?  Kevin has been experimenting with Nobushi Japanese Whiskey. We are publishing his discoveries here. Nobushi is a blend of whiskeys from the Miyagi and Nagano prefectures. This stuff is delicious: Lots of floral and citrus notes go extremely well with the hints of caramel and vanilla. I've had this straight, on the rocks, and in a few cocktails — try as a sub for Cognac in traditional cocktails like a Sidecar or Corpse Reviver, or make a badass highball and enjoy your life. You won't regret it. $49.99/bottle

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Polenta with Chicken Sausage and Hearty Sauce

Cooks forget how acidic tomatoes are and, consequently, how only certain wines successfully pair with them at table, notably wines that are also zingy with acidity. Many white wines fill that bill; however, tangy reds are more difficult to find. Yet, with a hearty dish such as this one, a red is what you’ll want. Perhaps this explains the ubiquity of Sangiovese and Nebbiolo vines in Italy, a country that knows a lot about both tomatoes and red wine—and how they taste together. Sangiovese- and Nebbiolo-based red wines always sport zesty acidity, along with lots of red fruit character and [...]

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Corn and Sweet Onion Leftover Turkey Hash

The best thing about leftovers is their added flavor—the way sitting around a day or two in the refrigerator augments whatever tasties were there to begin with. The worst thing about leftovers is that, even so, they can feel tired. Wine to the rescue. Think of wine—in this case, the perfect Thanksgiving Day dinner wine, Beaujolais (even leftover Beaujolais!)—as a perky condiment: zesty, crisp of acidity, even chillable. It was one of the wines that went with everything on that groaning sideboard on Turkey Day itself; it's the wine that goes with all its leftovers.HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL NEED:• 1 small sweet [...]

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Niceland Ocean Perch Tacos

To paraphrase St. Paul, in wine there are acid, sweet, tannin, and alcohol, but the greatest of these is acid. Acidity — that tangy, zesty close to a sip of wine, that which sweeps the palate clean — is crucially important to delicious, successful wine and food pairings. It balances wine against any correlative acidity in the food prepared, as here, with its cider vinegar. The two acidities, interestingly, cancel each other out and a taste of both together is refreshing and cleansing, not tart or sour.   HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED:• 1 bag (16 ounces) pre-shredded cabbage and carrots• 1/2 red onion, thinly [...]

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Leftover Sweet Potato Pancake with Sage Cream

When the California Turkey Board (no jokes, please) asked several United States wineries what wine went best with traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner, the suggestions went on and on. Pinot noir, said one winery; it's rich and full like the meal itself. Chardonnay, said another; it matches the dinner's complexity. The final tote stood at nine different wines: four whites, two dry pinks, three reds — and one turkey. Perhaps the best choice is not one wine but many. Why not try an assortment of wines for your upcoming Thanksgiving Day dinner? And the same holds for drinking with the leftovers [...]

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What is Bio-Dynamic Wine?

The term ‘bio-dynamic’ is used to describe an approach to farming that is ethical, holistic and ecological, and it applies not only to planting and harvesting wine, but it is also a practice put forth by farmers of all types of agriculture. It is a relationship that is shared with the land, the product, and the myriad of organisms living in the farm. In many ways, it is considered the first take on modern organic agriculture.  Furthermore, ‘bio-dynamic’ is a trademarked term that can encompass a vast assortment of different practices and methods. These methods can range from consulting the [...]

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Mini Turkey Burgers

The only element in this recipe worth any wine worry is fat, in the olive oil and whatever fat there is in the ground turkey. Fat carries flavor, but italso can be a barrier to other flavors getting through. A little tannin in a red wine would help mollify that. Keep in mind that the red wine world isn't all about heft and high alcohol. Buy the more humble and unassuming reds from the places where folk appreciate good food, such as Grenache from the Rhône; or Pinots from Burgundy, Oregon or New Zealand; or Sangiovese from Italy. And that's [...]

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