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A case of wine for 99

We have some news to break to you: You’re going to need some wine for Thanksgiving. Here’s a solution: Get a whole case for $99 — two of each of the wines in the photo (including a bubbler). Here’s another solution: Get a half-case for $55 — one of each of the wines in the photo (still including a bubbler). We picked these specifically so they’ll go with your Thanksgiving meal AND they’re fabulous wines AND they’re a great deal.

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Pinhook Bourbon War 4-Year

The fine folks at Pinhook laid down a group of bourbon barrels in 2015. This release, a 4-year straight bourbon whiskey, is the first to come from those barrels. They will follow up with a release every year — a 5-year bourbon next year, a 6-year in 2021, etc. — until finally a 12-year will be released in 2027. This 4-year is being proofed at 98%. You’ll experience a bright nose of tropical fruit, butterscotch and cedar, which lead to a rich and vibrant palate of dried fig, cocoa, roasted peanut, and clove.

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This just might make a fantastic gift for the whiskey lover in your life. Or perhaps YOU’RE the whiskey lover in your life and you need to get a gift for yourself. We only have 100 bottles, and that will be it until the 5-year comes out next year.

Online price (thru 12/7): $45.99
Regular price: $49.99

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