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One thing you’ll definitely need this holiday: wine!

“A case of wine for ninety-nine” is a phrase with great iambic octameter, but you already knew that. What that phrase also has is a great message: You can get a case of wine for $99: six whites and six reds in a case of both integrity and value.

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ACLU Special

As many friendships go, a friend of a friend introduced Marczyk Fine Wines to the director of Philanthropy at the ACLU, whose Denver office is a neighbor to the 17th Ave store. Over the past few months we noticed their staff coming into Marczyk Fine Foods and scooping up all the pre-made sandwiches, drinks, chips, and running out. “A busy day at the ACLU” we would think.

We put our heads together to find a way to raise some money for these hard working neighbors, and came up with this mixed case of wine. $169.99 for a holiday/party/work late case of wine. Six reds, four whites, and two rosés (it’s never not a time for rosé). You buy, then we donate 20% back to the ACLU. A great case of wine for a great cause!

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mwineonline is where Marczyk Fine Wines Friends & Family find case deals and spirits for sale before the rest of the Denver liquor world is even out of bed! Did you miss the Law’s whiskey pre-sale? Oh sorry. How about the Celebrate fall 6 bottle Italian red wine special, with a saving of 20%? Whoops. Or the limited Italian EVOO with Chianti one? Enough!

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