The Holiday Red That Goes With Everything

Sottimano Dolcetto d’Alba

Andrea Sottimano is one of the finest winemakers in Italy, and by extension, the world. However, his Dolcetto is admittedly not for everyone — your Chardonnay-only drinkers will not love it, nor will your big fat juicy red-wine-only drinkers.

Dolcetto is aptly named (from the Italian, dolce, for “soft” or “sweet,” not sugary, but as in the English “dulcet”). It is Piemonte’s gulpable wine — spicy, grapey, dark chocolate-y, and low in tannin. For all its juicy, plush softness, Dolcetto can be lively, spry even, especially if it retains some of the grape’s native acidity. Dolcetto is an incredible example of “vernacular” wine, expressing its terroir so clearly. Most of the Dolcetto produced is sold and consumed in Italy, specifically in Piemonte.

The experience of Dolcetto will keep you coming back: Delicate aromas of rose petals and lavender mix with rich notes of red cherry and plum, while a line of minerality keeps the wine refined and light. You will love it for its everyday deliciousness and endless pairing opportunities. Think: pizza; Thanksgiving dinner; roast chicken; mushroom soup; pork-of-any-stripe; cheeses; chili con carne; charcuterie; simple cauliflower soup drenched in EVOO; truffle or porcini anything.

BONUS FACT: This wine ages beautifully over 3-10 years. Not kidding.

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