Barbara prescribes Chardonnay forthwith for back-to-school time.

Land of Saints | Chardonnay
Santa Maria Valley, CA
Friends & Family: $19.99/bottle
(reg. $23.99/btl)

Jeannot | Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay
Friends & Family: $26.99/bottle
(reg. $29.99/btl)

As I was standing at the bar at a recent family reunion, a mother, standing next to me, kid clinging to her leg, ordered “an apple juice, and a double Chardonnay, please.”

Now, of course, that’s not how we order wine. But in honor of back-to-school week, whether you’re sending the little ones off to first grade, the big ones off to college, or are a teacher yourself, here are two Chardonnays that would fit the bill. Bartender, pour me a double!

Land of Saints: Crisp, clean Chardonnay aged in neutral oak. Toasty, almost like popcorn without the movie theater butter. Lively, spicy, and great with roast chicken or salmon with a cream sauce.

Jeannot: Classic white Burgundy minerality and flavors of fleshy red apple, brisk citrus, and a hint of white peach.

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Barbara Macfarlane, owner of Marczyk Fine Foods, is always happy when she gets asked to talk about a favorite wine or spirit. "So many wines, so little time. So like our customers, I depend on the crew to tell me what's new, delicious, and noteworthy. It's true, I get stuck on faves, but the new wines coming in the door are so well chosen! So drink up Denver, we've been doing this for 20 years and we know what's cool!"