Wines For Your Spring Holidays!

Hams & Lambs & Briskets… Oh My!

We have all of your spring holiday wine needs. No matter the occasion, or even if you just feel like celebrating for no reason at all, we have three wines that will pair perfectly with three delicious Easter and Passover main courses.

For your ham… Hand-picked and grown with love.
“Gris de Toul”
Rosè of Gamay and Pinot Noir
Côte de Toul, France

This is the perfect ham wine. A gorgeous nose of bright, red cherries and pink roses then flushes the cheek with that first taste of honeysuckle and soft almond, finishing with a lingering zap of limestone. This rosé is begging to be paired with your holiday ham. Bring all of these sumptuous flavors together with white truffle and spring onion potato salad, pork belly, deviled eggs, confit-glazed green beans topped with crispy onions, and all the buttery dinner rolls you can eat.

For your lamb… These naughty bunnies left us some wine!
Los Conejos Malditos
“Tempranillo Carbonico”
100% Cencibel (Tempranillo)
Toledo, Spain

Bold earth, Moroccan oil-cured black olives, and warming spices pull you into a lovely and mild barnyard experience, with very subtle tones of sautéed porcini and dried venison. Serve this savory Tempranillo alongside braised Niman Ranch leg of lamb accompanied by artichoke and Frescatrano olive couscous, harissa-roasted fingerling potatoes, and a shaved fennel bulb and lavender goat cheese salad.

For your brisket… Perfectly dry, lushly textured, and deeply aromatic!
Weissburgunder (Trocken) 1 Liter
Pfalz, Germany

Crowd-pleasing is an understatement — prepare to be the hit of your party with this impish white wine grown organically in the most fairytale-esque vineyards of Germany. This wine serves up all the aromas of wildflowers and raw honeycomb, bolstered by tones of under-ripe peach, fuzzy mango close to the pit, and a pillowy finish of newly budding white lilacs. Pair with your spring garlic-roasted brisket for an ethereal dining experience. Easter egg radishes with salted French butter, creamy morel risotto, or melted triple creme brie over grilled Granny Smith apples would also be wonderfully decadent choices.

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Barbara Macfarlane, owner of Marczyk Fine Foods, is always happy when she gets asked to talk about a favorite wine or spirit. "So many wines, so little time. So like our customers, I depend on the crew to tell me what's new, delicious, and noteworthy. It's true, I get stuck on faves, but the new wines coming in the door are so well chosen! So drink up Denver, we've been doing this for 20 years and we know what's cool!"