Save $20 on this Valentine’s Wine Six Pack!

Celebrate that special person in your life with this special offer of six incredible wines at a fantastic price — Friends & Family members save $20! Each of the wines in this six pack has a unique and delicious flavor that will help ensure your Valentine’s Day is one to remember.

You can read the details of each wine below, and remember, Friends & Family members save $20. Order online and pick up at the shop, or simply drop in and we’ll set you up.

Valentine’s Day Six Pack
Friends & Family: $139.99 (reg. $159.99)



(Order online if you’d rather not come into the shop. We’ll have your order ready within an hour, we’ll bring it out to you, and you’ll be on your way.)

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What could possibly be sexier than a gorgeous red for an amazing cause?
(All profits are donated to the Independent Restaurant Coalition)
Youthful and bright, this ever-so-slightly-bubbly red brims with tart raspberries, charred sage, and tones of lavender jasmine tea. Honey wasabi salmon steaks over jasmine rice would be a lovely match for the freshness of this wine; cheesy potato pan-seared pierogies would also be fantastic, as would a simple tarragon garlic flank steak.

Wine & Chill?
Dry yet bursting with cherry cordial and fruit punch juiciness. This chillable, carbonic, super Cali blend is just waiting to be shared with your sweetheart or just your sweet self. Pair this beaut with burrata & grilled peaches over baguette, mussels and linguini smothered in spicy red pepper fra diavolo sauce, or simply enjoy with salty slices of duck prosciutto and dolce Gorgonzola.

This guy truly has a heart of gold!
Pet Nat deliciousness in all its glory: White roses, baby strawberries, and mangosteen are all laced together by subtle notes of pink fairy floss and dusty original Bazooka Joe chewing gum. This wine calls for a rich gooey fondue course, seared spiced-date lamb lollipops, or dark chocolate-covered almonds and cherries.

“Oh, behave, baby!!!”
When it’s time to spice things up, go ahead and grab for this very approachable orange wine that just adores spice of all kinds. Toasted almonds, quince, caramelized pineapple, and apricot marmalade all present beautifully on the palate while still retaining an amazingly stark dryness. This is your Pad Thai wine. Other suggested pairings: Moroccan lamb shanks and flakey b’stilla, spicy chicken doro wot, or a luscious plate of camarones a la diabla.

A huggable, snuggable, chuggable rosé!
This sassy little minx of a rosé is sure to tickle your fancy with its flirty sprinkling of French grey salt, vanilla phosphate soda, and scorched pear crème brûlée. Pair with a platter full of Japanese otsumami snacks, such as tsukemono (insanely delicious pickles), wafu seaweed salad, tins of smoked oysters, silky Limburger cheese, or little bits of freshly cut honeycomb topped with caviar.

Socks, prepare to be rocked off!
Yes, it is good, and yes, you will gladly drink this one down to the very last drop. We might even call it quaffable, because this resplendent white blend is everything. Resting on its lees foments the most delicate creaminess ever, bolstered with hints of wilting simbelmynë flowers, white nectarines, and rounded bergamot. Hello OYSTERS — please pair this stunning white with all the shellfish, pork belly poutine, baklava, or Hawaiian Spam musubi.

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