What Are We Drinking Now? Don’t forget the Dolcetto

This is the holiday wine we wait all year for!

Sottimano Bric del Salto Dolcetto d’Alba

Andrea Sottimano is one of the best winemakers in Italy — full stop. We have sourced and sold his wines for 20 years, and we even have Denver-exclusive access to a couple of sleeper-beauties. One of these is his Bric del Salto Dolcetto. While Andrea is most famous for his expressions of Nebbiolo through his Barbarescos, he and his family own vineyards planted to Dolcetto and Brachetto as well.

Dolcetto is not known as a particularly important wine. That said, Andrea’s is simply gorgeous for drinking now through 2028. This is definitively one of the most food-friendly wines you will find anywhere: It is equally comfy on the table beside pizza, roasted chicken, lasagna, mushroom dishes, or even roasts, stews, and ragus.

The first thing I notice when I am lucky enough to drink this wine is the intense deep color and beautifully balanced nose; luscious fruit is balanced by a backbone of acidity and there is a distinct “Sottimano herbiness” on the finish.

All of Andrea’s wines have an unmistakable “house character” stemming from his minimally invasive natural winemaking style — think wild yeast, hand-picking, no adjuncts, open fermentation, no sulfites in production — he truly lets the grapes express themselves, which is why each vintage is slightly different in the most interesting of ways. Treat yourself to one of the best examples of Dolcetto in the world — Andrea’s Dolcetto is a jewel on any table.

Sottimano Bric del Salto Dolcetto d’Alba



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