What Are We Drinking Now? “No Trix” Perricone

Seth has a gorgeous red from a leader in biodynamic & natural wine making.

Marilena Barbera “No Trix” Perricone – Sicily

It’s the time of year for tricks and treats, and No Trix is certainly a treat! Marilena Barbera is a leader in biodynamic and natural winemaking, and her wines, straight outta Sicily, really deliver.

No Trix is medium-bodied with solid tannins, and it’s made from Perricone, a grape that was brought to Sicily by the Greeks around the 8th century BCE. It has nice, dark, red berry flavors and a saline finish that makes another sip irresistible. It’s a perfect fall wine, and it gets even better after being opened for a while. Get No Trix and treat yourself.

“I make my wines practicing biodynamic farming and natural winemaking, while paying utmost respect to Menfi’s terroir. No herbicides or synthetic fertilizers are ever allowed in my vineyard, nor any other systemic farm chemicals that may alter the environment’s health and its rich biodiversity.”  — Marilena Barbera

Marilena Barbera “No Trix” Perricone – Sicily

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