Don’t Forget Your Valentine’s Day Wines!

"Remember the Wine." - Your Brain to You Just Now. Wine seems to be the last thing we remember for a special occasion, and since you've forgotten the wine for Valentine's Day (c'mon, just admit it — it'll be easier for everyone), we're spotlighting three that will complete your Valentine's Day dinner AND you'll be the hero for selecting such a great wine. Cedrick Bardin Coteaux Du Giennois 50% Pinot Noir, 50% Gamay. Pairs beautifully with any boldly flavored and meat-driven dishes. Warm and earthy with the perfect touch of pucker! $19.99/bottle Cedrick Bardin Sancerre The perfect lobster and [...]

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What Are We Drinking Now? L. Tramier & Fils Côte de Brouilly

Kerry would like you to up your Gam-ay (without breaking the bank)! L. Tramier & Fils Côte de Brouilly This Côte de Brouilly is a wonderful reminder that Gamay, grown predominantly in the Beaujolais region of France, can yield great value-driven wines. While the region may be best-known for the fruity, light style of Beaujolais Nouveau, production quality increases with wines at the village and cru levels. Côte de Brouilly is one of Beaujolais's 10 cru appellations, and this elegant little wine from L. Tramier delivers for the price! Vivid aromas of red berries, candied notes, and violets lead [...]

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What *Else* Are We Drinking Now? Domaine de la Combe Muscadet

Seth pairs this one with ALL the Seafoods. Domaine de la Combe Muscadet Absolutely one of the best wines in the shop right now. It has a rich and luscious viscosity that coats your mouth with heavenly goodness. It tastes like a fresh cool rain on hot pavement with notes of apple, citrus peel, and tropical fruits. It is NOT a sweet wine. It has the perfect dryness to pair with mussels, scallops, oysters, shrimp, chicken, vegetables, and cheeses of all kinds. I had the pleasure of trying it with some east coast oysters from Marczyk Fine Foods. Oh. [...]

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What Are We Drinking Now? Gabriele Scaglione Passeggiando in Vigna Langhe Nebbiolo

Marshall has a lush Italian Nebbiolo.Gabriele Scaglione Passeggiando in Vigna Langhe Nebbiolo -  Langhe, ItalyAh, February, a month of beautiful things: snow, groundhogs, and love. At this time of year, one yearns for comfort from the cold, for hearty meals, for wonderful wines. Thus let us speak of a spring-evoking wine as gorgeous as snow-draped aspen trees. Gabriele Scaglione's Passeggiando in Vigna is a lush Nebbiolo from Langhe, Italy. Looking beyond the adorable apple-adorned hedgehog on the label, one will find a wine warm with notes of cherry, rose, and spring rain. Try this with a hearty lasagna or pasta Bolognese. [...]

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