*MORE* Haunted Wines of the Month from Dracula!

Don’t forget about our October wines of the month, which are all haunted. Here are four *MORE* of them.

As is evidenced by the extremely untouched photo below, Dracula keeps some very nice wines with him in his casket, and he holds his wine bottles between his pinky and ring finger, as is the Transylvanian way. Look below the photo to see what Dracula has to say about these four wines. And because we’re not 100% afraid of Dracula, we carry these Dracula-endorsed wines (we surrounded the shop with garlic or rutabagas or something).

“Pablo Claro Sauvignon Blanc, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
If you haven’t taken this home yet, you are missing out. This is very dry and a perfect representation of what Sauvignon Blanc should be. How about if I deliver one personally. During the night. While you’re sleeping.

ALWAYS $17.99



“Next Red Blend, Columbia Valley, Washington
This blend of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet will get you in the fall spirit for sure. This is aged in new French oak and is ready to go with anything, and is most flavorful in a catacomb.

Friends & Family: $13.99 (reg $16.99)


“Lobster Reef Sauvingon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand
Spot-on for NZ Sauv Blanc: light, crisp, and refreshing. Big tropical flavors with hints of peach and apricots. There is a subtle herbal note on the finish. This is good. And it may make you… sleeeeepy.

Friends & Family: $11.99 (reg. $15.99)



“Lisbonita Red Blend, Lisboa, Portugal
Be sure to grab a few of these — you might find it way too easy to drink like we did. It’s soft, not super tannic, and goes with almost everything. Let us know what your best pairings are. I pair it with fear.

Friends & Family: $10.99 (reg $13.99)

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