Refresh with these Spanish Pét-Nats

Pét-Nats are the way more fun and wilder version of French Champagne.

Petulante White Pét-Nat & Petulante Rosé Pét-Nat – Spain

Despite its recent surge in popularity, Pét-Nat is actually far from being the new hipster kid on the block. A Pét-Nat (short for the French pétillant naturel, which means “natural sparkling”) is a wine made according to the ancestral method.

Developed in the 16th century, this is the oldest way of making sparkling wine. But don’t let its trendiness scare you away. Pét-Nats come with a much smaller price tag than French Champagne, and they are way more fun — the natural, wilder version of champagne, kind of like the wine equivalent of cannonballing into a pool.

We just happen to have two Spanish Pét-Nats that are exclusive to our wine shop: Petulante white, made from 100% organic Verdejo, and Petulante rosé, made from 100% organic Garnacha.

Here are some of the glamor shots of these two Pét-Nats. Part of the reason they’re so photogenic is because they’re so delicious.

Petulante white Pét-Nat & Petulante rosé Pét-Nat – Spain
Friends & Family: $17.99/btl (reg $21.99)


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