What *Else* Are We Drinking Now? CLO Blanc & CLO Rouge de Saumur

Fleur is serving Saumur wine two ways.

CLO Blanc de Saumur & CLO Rouge de Saumur – Loire Valley, France

At my casa when we celebrate, we celebrate BIG! Our son asked for fancy hamburgers and french fries for his 12th birthday. Without hesitation we belted out “Challenge Accepted!” Of course, the chefs needed a little vino for the festivities, and when one wants red and the other wants white, ya gotta just go for both!

CLO Blanc de Saumur:
Aromatics of hot kettle corn and spiced apples invoke assumptions of sweetness…yet, this tricky little Chenin is anything but — zinging acidity that adheres to your gums with flavors of crisp pear, finely shaved fennel,
and a Body-Ody-Ody that makes you crave your next sip.

CLO Rouge de Saumur:
Wilted red roses, lilting sage, and a puckery pop of lingonberry make this Cab Franc a complete STUNNAH! It’s a perfect balance of a light but intensely flavorful red that will indulge and impress any palate.

(Pictured: A Marczyk Fine Foods Butcher’s Choice/Niman Ranch pork burger; pickled onion; grilled D’anjou pear; bib lettuce; Fromage d’Affinoise & mascarpone whipped with seared foie gras piped on brioche; garlic duck fat fries; roasted beurre blanc brussels; and a Moroccan quickle of golden and red beets.)

CLO Blanc de Saumur & CLO Rouge de Saumur – Loire Valley, France


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