What Are We Drinking Now? Vieira de Plata Albariño & Gómez Cruzado Rioja

Read all about Bob’s experiment with pairing wine with cod.

Vieira de Plata Albariño & Gómez Cruzado Rioja 

Ever try to pair a wine with a meal, and it just doesn’t work? I’m usually pretty good at it, even when you stretch the rules, but here I stretched a little too much and did a red with cod and it just didn’t work. I thought my smoky Spanish romesco sauce would bridge the gap and make the dish work with my Spanish Rioja. It was obvious that this was a chance I should not have taken. This old-world Tempranillo just didn’t cooperate with the cod.

Even with my pairing mistake, some good came out of it. I just happened to have a bottle of our new Albariño as a backup, and Oh My!!! It was fabulous. It sang with the fish and the spicy, smoky sauce. And I even got better results from my experimentation an hour later.

After I thoroughly enjoyed my cod with romesco sauce with a little glass of Albariño, I went back to the Rioja about an hour later because I just really wanted a sip of red wine. The Rioja opened up and it too was fabulous without the fish getting in its way.

My wife and I took the Rioja out to the patio and leisurely enjoyed a big glass. Sometimes you just have to break some rules to figure things out. Next time, cod with Vieira de Plata Albariño. Or swap out the fish for a pork tenderloin or a New York Strip and the Rioja will be singing, too: Gómez Cruzado Rioja

Vieira de Plata Albariño

Gómez Cruzado Rioja 
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