Whiskey for Dad for Father’s Day!

Whiskey and Dad. Dad and whiskey. A power duo no matter how you put it.

Most people think that most dads are fairly easy to shop for. That may be so, but it’s always good to have options. We have provided a small list of some of our favorite local distilleries so you can make your shopping for dad even easier. You can even order a bottle of whiskey (or two) online and have us bring it out to your car for you.

Leopold Bros.

The products from Leopold Brothers have graced the shelves at this store for quite some time. Leopold’s boasts an impressive selection of locally made spirits, created with their own floor malts and well-sourced ingredients. If you haven’t tried anything from Leopold Bros, now is most certainly the time. Highlights include 4 Year Bourbon, Small Batch Gin, and Aperitivo.

• Silver Tree Vodka: $34.99
• Small Batch Gin: $34.99
• Summer Gin: $36.99
• Navy Strength Gin: $44.99
• Aperitivo: $34.99
• 2 Year American Small Batch Whiskey: $34.99
• 4 Year Straight Bourbon: $49.99
• 5 Year BONDED Straight Bourbon: $59.99


(You must be 21 to order and pick up whiskey — please have your ID ready.)

Laws Whiskey House

Whiskey is serious business. Laws makes serious whiskey. No corners are cut and no nonsense is had. They are the first Colorado distillery to bottle bonded whiskeys — 100% locally made using Colorado ingredients. The bar has been set, and it has been set very high. Highlights include San Luis Valley Straight Rye, Four Grain Straight Bourbon, and Bonded Wheat Whiskey.

• 4 Grain Straight Bourbon: $59.99
• San Luis Valley Straight Rye: $59.99
• 5 Year BONDED Centennial Straight Wheat Whiskey: $79.99
• 6 Year BONDED San Luis Valley Rye: $79.99
• 4PK 100ml Sampler: $39.99


(You must be 21 to order and pick up whiskey — please have your ID ready.)

Bear Creek Distillery

Our friends over at Bear Creek Distillery have an amazing thing going at their South Denver distillery. Not only are their whiskeys fantastic, but they make a whole line of other products, too. This is a truly grain-to-bottle distillery using local ingredients whenever possible and sourcing from Colorado companies. Highlights include the Straight Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, and 100% Colorado Corn Vodka.

• Rye Vodka: $24.99
• Corn Vodka: $24.99
• Silver Rum: $22.99
• Spiced Rum: $32.99
• Rye Whiskey: $49.99
• Wheat Whiskey: $54.99
• Wheated Bourbon: $54.99
• Straight Bourbon: $54.99


(You must be 21 to order and pick up whiskey — please have your ID ready.)

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