What Are Drinking Now? 20,000 Leguas by Dominio de Punctum

Red or white? How about orange?

20,000 Leguas by Dominio de Punctum, 2018

Before we dive into a glass of this organic (& vegan) Spanish wine, let’s get a little technical about what IS an orange wine: Orange wine (also called amber wine) is made from white wine grapes that have been fermented with skin contact, like a red wine.

Now let’s get into THIS bottle of orange — 20,000 Leguas. What I love about this Chardonnay blend is that it isn’t just for the adventurous. This amber wine aims to please most wine drinkers with its notes of golden apple, hazelnut and orange rind. Silky and slightly rich on the palate, it finishes with a brilliance that makes it an easy partner to food.

20,000 Leguas Amber Wine


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