What Are We Drinking Now? Elektrisch Riesling Kabinett

Whether you’re ready to fall in love or not, Fleur’s pretty sure you’ll fall for this Riesling.

Sometimes you stumble upon something so very lovely there really is no choice but to fall head over heels. This truly “electric” Kabinett Riesling will set your heart racing with its sharp floral aromas, buzzing acidity, and resonating flavors of tart green apple, honeysuckle, and rain-soaked rocks. Pair this with roasted wild game and spiced root vegetables or, ya know, just bathe in it. 😉

By the way…”Kabinett Riesling” is the lightest style of Riesling, made from grapes that have a sweetness level of 67-82 Oechsle (148–188 g/L sugar). Kabinett wines range in style from dry to off-dry. (The Oechsle Scale goes from 67 to 154 — the higher the number, the sweeter the wine.) So now we all know.

Elektrisch Riesling Kabinett 2019
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