What Are We Drinking Now? Boulder Creek Distillery Straight Bourbon

For the good of all of us, Fleur is sharing her Sacred Old Fashioned recipe.

I adore Old Fashioneds all year round, but this blustery weather beckons for something a little more soul-warming, something fairly special, something oh-so-pretty to sip while accolading ourselves for getting through one helluva year: My Sacred Old Fashioned featuring Boulder Creek Distillery Straight Bourbon will soothe as well as celebrate. Bold aromas of nutmeg and clove will lure you into the most velvety, radiating, soft heat and lovely rounded oak…truly a beauty to behold.

Sacred Old Fashioned
. 2oz Bear Creek Distillery Straight Bourbon
. 1 La Perruche brown sugar cube
. several generous shakes of Dram Apothecary Palo Santo bitters or Strongwater Walnut bitters
. bourbon-soaked tart cherries
. 1 gigantic ice cube

Muddle, stir, ice cube, mingle.

Bear Creek Distillery Straight Bourbon


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