What Are We Drinking Now? Domaine de la Potardière Gamay Rosé 2019 from the Loire Valley, France

Fleur loves this rosé for the complexity that emerges after those first upfront flavors knock you for a loop.

Being all of 5-foot-nothing, I have always had a great affection for the old adage: “Dynamite comes in small packages.”

This sherbet-colored Gamay rosé from the Loire Valley is the definition of understated beauty. Behind this guy’s soft side of powdery chalkiness, bubblegum, and overripe apricot, you’ll find even more dynamic layers: golden plum, yellow raspberry, and earthy marigold flowers. Complex and vibrant, the finish lingers and forces you to close your eyes for just a moment to let the flavors duke it out on your palate. Savor this wine all by itself or accompany it with rich duck liver pâte and fresh tart berries. Packing an insanely reasonable price tag, Potardière Gamay Rosé is my top contender for the heavy-hitter rosé of the season. $13.99/bottle

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