What Are We Drinking Now? Fleur’s Amore, La Bambina Rosato Menfi 2018 from Menfi, Sicily

La Bambina comes to us from winemaker Marilena Barbera, who says, “La Bambina is dedicated to strong women, to their power and energy, to their tireless motivation in fighting for their beliefs, to their talent for problem-solving despite difficulties and complications.” Now let Fleur tell you about her experience with this wine.

Pause…clear your thoughts…allow yourself time.

Some people achieve inner peace through transcendental meditation or perhaps the death of the ego. For me? I found true stillness and clarity sitting on my bed, watching cartoons, and drinking some of the most resplendent wine I’ve ever had. The muted sapphire tones glow beyond the glass, pulling you toward a nebula of gunpowder green tea, grey salt, candied orange peel, preserved lemon, and orange blossom honey.

The dry, almost brackish, nature of this Sicilian jewel coupled beautifully with my Kalamata toast covered in Dolce Gorgonzola, blackberries, and truffle honey.

Try a sip, close your eyes, and give your heart and mind all the space they need to feel the deep love with which this wine was created.

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