Polenta with Chicken Sausage and Hearty Sauce

Cooks forget how acidic tomatoes are and, consequently, how only certain wines successfully pair with them at table, notably wines that are also zingy with acidity. Many white wines fill that bill; however, tangy reds are more difficult to find. Yet, with a hearty dish such as this one, a red is what you’ll want. Perhaps this explains the ubiquity of Sangiovese and Nebbiolo vines in Italy, a country that knows a lot about both tomatoes and red wine—and how they taste together. Sangiovese- and Nebbiolo-based red wines always sport zesty acidity, along with lots of red fruit character [...]

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Corn and Sweet Onion Leftover Turkey Hash

The best thing about leftovers is their added flavor—the way sitting around a day or two in the refrigerator augments whatever tasties were there to begin with. The worst thing about leftovers is that, even so, they can feel tired. Wine to the rescue. Think of wine—in this case, the perfect Thanksgiving Day dinner wine, Beaujolais (even leftover Beaujolais!)—as a perky condiment: zesty, crisp of acidity, even chillable. It was one of the wines that went with everything on that groaning sideboard on Turkey Day itself; it's the wine that goes with all its leftovers.HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL NEED:• 1 small [...]

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Niceland Ocean Perch Tacos

To paraphrase St. Paul, in wine there are acid, sweet, tannin, and alcohol, but the greatest of these is acid. Acidity — that tangy, zesty close to a sip of wine, that which sweeps the palate clean — is crucially important to delicious, successful wine and food pairings. It balances wine against any correlative acidity in the food prepared, as here, with its cider vinegar. The two acidities, interestingly, cancel each other out and a taste of both together is refreshing and cleansing, not tart or sour.   HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED:• 1 bag (16 ounces) pre-shredded cabbage and carrots• 1/2 red onion, thinly [...]

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